Valiant shoulder bag MK I - Dark camouflage

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    Valiant shoulder bag - Black

    Valiant shoulder bag - Black camouflage

    Valiant shoulder bag - Grey

    • Nylon blend fabric material
    • Polyester lining for internal material
    • Water repellent system
    • Support tablet slot up to 8"
    • Nylon webbing molle system
    • YKK Vislon zipper accessories
    • Velcro loop 5cm x 11,5cm for your cool patches
    • Paracord 7 strand puller build with heatshrink cable front compartment
    • Switchable strap position
    • Breathable air mesh on backside
    • Dimension
    30cm x 18cm x 5cm (main compartment)
    26cm x 15cm x 2cm (2nd compartment)
    • Color variant : Black, Black camouflage, Grey.

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